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Catholic church in Ruma (Vojvodina) devastated

Ruma (IKA )

Unknown commiters scratched the altar paintings, broke the windows, threw about the inventory of the Catholic church in Ruma (Vojvodina - "Yugoslavia")

Ruma, Đakovo, 4.1.1994. (IKA) – In the New Year#!s morning, a group of perpetrators, broke the door of the Catholic parish church in Ruma (Vojvodina), and committed a great damage in the church, as it was reported by the Bishop#!s Ordinariate in Đakovo. They scratched the paintings of the Extolling of Saint Cross and the painting of St. Vendelin, they broke the window by the sacristy, and tried to break the door of the tabernacle. They crashed the Christmas trees, threw about the small statutes from manger and the statues of angels on the main altar. Harmonium and the desk for the organist were also turned down. Nothing was taken away from the church. Criminologist came out for inspection, they discovered the fingerprints of the perpetrators, and B. Pauković, the representative for the religious questions of the country, visited the parish priest.