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Religious Education Teacher Is a Recipient of the Pride of Croatia Award


Zagreb, (IKA) – One of this year’s fifteen recipients of the Pride of Croatia Award is Nikola Kuzmičić, a religious education teacher at the Tituš Brezovački Gymnasium in Zagreb. The thirteenth Pride of Croatia ceremony for the presentation of awards in recognition of humanity, courage, honesty and goodness, which have been received to date by over two hundred people, was held on Friday, February 2, in Zagreb, and was organized by Croatian Radio-Television, the newspaper 24 sata and the association Pride of Croatia. Kuzmičić, a single father, after consulting with his sons decided to donate the sum of 44,500 HRK (about 6,000 Euro) he had won in the quiz show Potjera to those in need. The money was divided into smaller amounts, which he gave to various associations and individuals.
When he was receiving the award, asked whether he knew that he would be donating the money he won before he went on the quiz show, he replied: “Naturally. I had agreed with my sons that we would donate the money. We only didn’t know how much money we were going to give. Fortunately, I won enough that we were able to split it among various addresses. I am particularly happy that part of the money was given to the association Bethlehem, which takes care of the most vulnerable group of people in the Croatian society and tries to make sure that every unborn child is born.”
All the recipients of the Pride of Croatia Award, said Kuzmičić to the Catholic weekly newspaper Glas Koncila, show the better and often unspoken aspect of Croatia, testifying that love is resourceful and effective, and that “ordinary little people” are prepared to help in various ways, motivated by the desire to do good to others. Nikola Kuzmičić was born on September 24, 1968, in Zastražišće on the island of Hvar. In addition to teaching religious education, he is also known for his literary and journalistic work.