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Cardinal Bozanić Appeals for Solidarity: The Human Heart Is Open to Do Good

Zagreb (IKA)

On Tuesday, December 29, the Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Josip Bozanić, appealed to everyone for solidarity toward those who have suffered the most and noted that the human heart is open to do good, reported HINA.

“From these trials, from these victims, God will show new hope. We hope for this because the human heart, in its depths is open to do good,” said Cardinal Bozanić.

“This is especially evident at difficult moments. I think it will be so now. I appeal to everyone for solidarity toward those who suffered the most, especially toward families, children, the young, the old, the sick and others,” said Cardinal Bozanić.

“From photos, it can be seen that Petrinja has been destroyed, then Sisak, all the way to Glina and Žažin. A funeral was being conducted in Sisačka Sela but, fortunately, people went out quickly and no one was injured,” said Cardinal Bozanić, among other things, expressing his condolences to Bishop Vlado Košić of Sisak and all who have suffered.

Many houses, family homes, were destroyed. Many people were left without a roof over their heads, which is the first priority, said Cardinal Bozanić and expressed his sorrow, especially because of the damage to the hospitals.

“We also have damage in Zagreb but here, in the first place, we are thinking now about Sisak and the entire area that this event afflicted. During the past decades, it has been afflicted in various ways and I trust God will show some new hope from this suffering,” said Cardinal Bozanić.