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Meeting of the Bishops of the Đakovo-Osijek Ecclesiastical Province

The bishops focused discussion on the current social situation in Croatia, the processes taking place in the political arena, and noted that it is important for a political party to present the value system that it represents with clarity, its foundations in our national heritage and the specific factors that enrich the community of European nations. They also stressed that after the parliamentary elections in September of this year, the new government should devote serious attention to the grave social situation in Slavonia and take steps to halt poverty and emigration.

Cardinal Bozanić: The purpose of the commission is the common search for the truth.

Blessed Alojzije does not need what the commission is doing but we do and, therefore, it is essential to examine who he was, what happened and what Blessed Stepinac actually did. We have heard much about him but there have been different narratives influenced by various ideologies, starting with communist ideology. The purpose of the commission is to go to the sources and come even closer to appreciating the greatness of Blessed Alojzije.

Press Release from the Archdiocese of Split-Makarska

On the occasion of the Ultra Europe Festival, which will take place at the Poljud Stadium in Split, we shall open the doors of our churches for prayer and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and with open hearts will be present among the young people in order to bear witness to Christian hope.

Press Release from the Franciscan Province of Bosna Argentina

The statement draws attention to the fact that many Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the young, are abandoning their homes and emigrating to countries in the European Union and the rest of the world, and points out that in order to resolve this dramatic situation it would be necessary to establish fair and reasonable standards for community life, and to have ongoing communication with others and those who are different as prerequisites for a better economic situation and the prosperity of all the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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