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Archbishop Puljić on the Walk for Life: “It is a wake-up call for life - I admire all those who demonstrate a positive attitude toward life!”

Zagreb (IKA)

Archbishop Želimir Puljić of Zadar, President of the Croatian Conference of Bishops, issued a message to the participants in the Walk for Life, to be held on Saturday, May 25, in Zagreb, Split and, for the first time, Zadar.

“I am pleased that there has been a certain awakening. This is a wake-up call for life. Although there will be those who oppose this demonstration, who consider it to be reactionary, medieval, as they often express themselves I admire mothers, I admire fathers, I admire the young, who, despite these negative currents, are demonstrating a positive attitude toward life. From my heart, I salute all those who will join the Walk for Life, which is a positive initiative. Let them rejoice, let them sing, let them be happy. Let them raise their voices and say: Life is holy, it is necessary to advocate for life and, as John Paul II said, with all available means. I salute all those who will join in this positive, worthy initiative.  At this moment, I am unable to be among the participants in Zadar, but I shall be joined together with them in spirit and prayer,” said Msgr. Puljić because on May 25, the Bishop of Zadar will be participating in the celebration of the twenty-fifty anniversary of the Diocese of Gospić-Senj and the eightieth birthday of its Bishop Emeritus, Msgr. Mile Bogović.

Archbishop Puljić also said: “Thank God for the initiative for the Walk for Life. Thank God that we have an ever increasing number of people who are aware of the mystery of human life. I rejoice in the Walk for Life in Zagreb, Split and Zadar, which was already held in Osijek and Rijeka.  I hope that this will help raise awareness of life, which is so important. Regarding the importance of the dignity of human life, I should dare say that Pope John Paul II dedicated his pontificate to it.  The Pope particularly spoke about this subject to the young, whom I loved very much and whose company he enjoyed. The young are the hope of the Church and nation. Therefore, John Paul II was known to say to them: “You are my hope.”  On a number of occasions, the Pope told young people to be open to life, to have a positive attitude toward life and to love life. Moreover, he was particularly devoted to families because they are the place of the sanctity of life, the birth of life, and he encouraged mothers and fathers to approach this matter with due seriousness and a holy sense of awe and to cherish life.”