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Archbishop Želimir Puljić, President of the Croatian Conference of Bishops: The Involvement of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Stepinac's Canonization Represents a Precedent in the Catholic Church

A copy of the letter recently written by the Croatian Catholic bishops to Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej was also sent to Pope Francis, said Archbishop Želimir Puljić of Zadar, the President of the Croatian Conference of Bishops, in reference to a comment made about Stepinac's canonization by Pope Francis while he was returning from a visit to Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

Letter from the Bishops of the Croatian Conference of Bishops to Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej

It is public knowledge that on November 18, 2018, the Croatian Catholic bishops sent Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej a letter, the content of which was not published. There has been some speculation in certain journalistic circles. In order to avoid conjectures, misinterpretations or untruths, the Croatian Conference of Bishops is hereby publishing said letter in its entirety:

Cardinal Bozanić: That the Darkness and Evil Shall Never Occur Again

On Thursday, January 24, a prayer-commemorative gathering in anticipation of International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held in front of the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in Zagreb, under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Zagreb and the Hatikva Jewish Information Education Center.

The Fifty-Ninth Theological-Pastoral Week Has Begun in Zagreb

The Prophetic Dimension of Christians in the Life of the Church and Society is the theme of the Fifty-Ninth Theological-Pastoral Week, January 22‒24, organized by the Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, at the Interdiocesan Seminary in Šalata, Zagreb.

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