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The Feast of the Blessed Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac at the Zagreb Cathedral

The Synod has once again placed the joyful truth before us that the Church of Zagreb lives from love, as testified by the faithful in their families, at their jobs and in society, while often subjected to questions and unpleasantness, confronting the temptation to deny the defense and testimony of religious truths. However, the Synod shows that love is stronger than theses trials, said Cardinal Bozanić at the Mass concluding the Second Synod of the Archdiocese of Zagreb.

The President of the Croatian Conference of Bishops Commented on the Sentencing of the Croatian Six from Bosnia and Herzegovina

"The Hague sentencing of the Croatian Six from Bosnia and Herzegovina does not take the historical facts into account. There are no historical data or reasons for a joint criminal enterprise. This verdict is not just and does not contribute to reconciliation! Let this verdict make Croatian politicians aware that the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina must not be left alone but need help to exist and remain there. In this situation of general distress, I am interested in how to help the nation so that it does not become lost," said Archbishop Puljić in an interview for Croatian Catholic Radio (HKR).

Press Release from the Bishops of the Bishops' Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina

We must not close our eyes before the obvious fact that since the Washington and Dayton peace agreements, particularly in regard to the manner of their implementation, in various ways members of the domiciled Croatian nation have been sent and continue to be sent messages that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not their homeland and there is no place in it for them.

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